Dr and staff are very kind

tina perez

Awesome nice super informed and great attitude

Joe Luis Rivera

I have been coming here for years with my kids! The dentists and assistants are so kind and sweet! They greet us so kindly! My kids always look forward coming here!

Lesley Banks

My son has always been afraid of going to the dentist. His anxiety takes control and blood pressure goes up. This dentist makes him feel very comfortable every time. It takes me 45 minutes to an hour to bring him and the drive is definitely worth it. The dentist and nurses are excellent.

Imelda G

My favorite dentist to go live the staff here and the doctors they do such a great job.

Janie Leslie

Great dentist! I had to go in as a walk in today to get some emergency work done and they were able to help. The dentist made sure I was comfortable, understood what I was getting done, and what it would cost me. Walk ins might have a small wait, but at least I was able to get my work done today! Prices were plenty fair, and I'm not in the pain I was in before I went. Very likely will make this my new primary dental caretaker.

Daniel Williams

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